OFCCP Releases Pre-enforcement Notice and Conciliation Procedures NPRM

Today, March 21, 2022, OFCCP released an unpublished notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM), Pre-enforcement Notice and Conciliation Procedures. The unpublished NPRM is currently available in full for public inspection in the Federal Register and is scheduled to be published March 22, 2022.

The proposal would modify the December 2020 rule, Nondiscrimination Obligations of Federal Contractors and Subcontractors: Procedures to Resolve Potential Employment Discrimination.  

OFCCP Director Jenny Yang has published a blog post on OFCCP’s website with more information on the thought process behind the new notice. 

Interested stakeholders are encouraged to submit comments. The agency will consider all public comments submitted during the open comment period, which ends on April 21, 2022. 

DCI will continue to monitor developments and will bring you updates as they occur.  

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