Veterans in the Workplace: Recruitment & Training Resources to Know

This month of November is all about our veterans! Join DCI Consultant Brittany Dian as she focuses our attention on the importance of veteran hiring and discusses some of the great resources available to employers looking to bolster their efforts in hiring veterans into their workforce.

Veterans bring an invaluable set of skills and abilities to the workplace including leadership, teamwork, integrity, and a strong work ethic, among others. The approach to veteran hiring should always be genuine in nature, and focus on how a veteran’s unique skillset and experience will benefit the organization.

Some exciting resources to assist in veteran hiring efforts include:

  • SHRM’s Integrating & Engaging Veterans in the Workforce Initiative & Veterans at Work Certificate Program
  • Local Job Network
    • Customize your outreach and recruitment efforts
    • Priority referral for veterans through VetConnect Program
  • American Corporate Partners
    • Non-profit that offers free mentorship program to veterans and their spouses

Click play above and learn more about the various programs and resources available to help veterans connect with employers and for employers striving to become a best place for veterans to work.

Thank you to all veterans and active duty military personnel. We appreciate you and all that you do!

Access Veterans Resources

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