OFCCP recently issued a large wave of announcement letters, as noted in the blog last week ( These letters are in the form of the same “courtesy” letters that were sent at the end of 2012 (, rather than the traditional Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs).

Historically, OFCCP sent a CSAL to the corporate contact when multiple establishments are selected for a compliance evaluation during the scheduling cycle. However, these announcement letters are now sent to individual establishments, and NOT the headquarters location. OFCCP has indicated in the FAQ portion of their website that the headquarters location will no longer receive the consolidated CSAL, but that the CSAL will be sent to individual establishments ( It is important to note that these letters are not scheduling letters; they are a courtesy to provide prior notification of a scheduled future audit.


by Joanna Colosimo and Amanda Shapiro, DCI Consulting Group

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