New OFCCP Disability and Veteran Regulations Effective in Two Weeks!

As previously featured on this blog, OFCCP published the revised Section 503 and VEVRAA regulations on September 24, 2013. The effective date for all contractors to comply with subparts A, B, D, and E is 180 days from the date they were published, which will be March 24, 2014, or only two weeks from now. Depending on the start date of the next AAP cycle, contractors may have additional time to implement the requirements of Subpart C. OFCCP has also addressed the phased in compliance in their FAQS (Section 503 and VEVRAA).

For a reminder of what obligations take effect on March 24, 2014, please see our blog from February 11, 2014 outlining some of the key changes from these new regulations.

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by Kristen Pryor, M.S., Associate Consultant and Dave Sharrer, M.S., Associate Consultant, DCI Consulting Group

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