OFCCP Revises Posted 2020 Scheduling List (CSAL)

As we noted last week, the 2020 Corporate Scheduling Announcement List was released and posted on OFCCP’s website. DCI recently evaluated the CSAL and identified that OFCCP has modified the list that was originally released on September 11, 2020. Although the overall count of establishments, and review type, for the list have remained the same, there have been changes that impact 84 establishments:

  • 39 Promotion reviews changed to Establishment reviews
  • 39 Establishment reviews changed to Promotion reviews
  • 1 Compliance check changed to Promotion review
  • 2 new establishments on the list (both are Compliance Checks). Note, two establishments on the previous list had duplicate rows that are now removed.
    • 1 duplicated establishment was previously listed for a compliance check
    • 1 duplicated establishment was previously listed for both an establishment review and promotion review; the promotion review was removed as the duplicate
  • 3 establishments had minor updates to their parent and/or establishment name, but otherwise no change

OFCCP has yet to provide any notification or resources regarding the revisions to the posted 2020 CSAL lists. We recommend contractors check the revised Supply & Service list to see if they are impacted by the changes noted above. Stay tuned for additional information (or revisions) as we learn about them.

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By Amanda Bowman, Associate Principal Consultant at DCI Consulting Group

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