OFCCP Revises the Federal Contractor Compliance Manual

OFCCP was active over the holiday season releasing an updated Federal Contract Compliance Manual (FCCM). The full manual, as well as revision highlights by chapter, can be viewed on the OFCCP website. Compliance officers use the FCCM as a guide to complete their compliance evaluations and complaint investigations of federal contractors. This is yet another step towards transparency and compliance assistance from the agency.

This manual replaced the 2013 version and was updated to reflect recent regulatory changes. Such changes include alignment with current Directives (e.g., Focused Review, Transparency, Early Resolution, Functional Affirmative Action Program, Compensation, Predetermination Notice). Additionally, the OFCCP removed outdated references (e.g., Active Case Enforcement) and ensured alignment with recently released technical assistance materials. The OFCCP further itemized key changes on their website. A more detailed interpretation of key points in the manual will be forthcoming from DCI consultants.

By Keli Wilson, Senior Manager of EEO Compliance, D&I, and Principal Consultant at DCI Consulting Group

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