Ondray T. Harris is Leaving OFCCP

Ondray T. Harris, Director of OFCCP at the U.S. Department of Labor, is stepping down as of July 27th, 2018 according to Bloomberg Law. The reason for his resignation was not disclosed and comes after less than 8 months on the job.

Craig E. Leen, who has been an OFCCP Senior Advisor since November 2017, will serve as the Interim Director. His title was updated to “Deputy Director” on June, 25, 2018. Leen is the former Coral Gables city attorney.

Under the leadership of Harris and Leen in the last few months, OFCCP has taken a more business-friendly approach. Harris’s priorities were outlined during a conference with The Institute for Workplace Equality in March. It is unclear if OFCCP will continue all of the same priorities under the new leadership, yet a lot is known about Leen’s priorities. Leen is a well-known advocate for individuals with disabilities and will likely bring a focus on disability outreach to OFCCP, in addition to his practical approach to pay equity enforcement.

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