Biden Signs Pay Equity and Pay Transparency Executive Order

On Wednesday, March 16, President Biden signed an executive order regarding pay equity and pay transparency. The Executive Order: Advancing Economy, Efficiency, and Effectiveness in Federal Contracting by Promoting Pay Equity and Transparency comes along with a number of other pay equity-related actions from the Biden Administration. 

The executive order announced that the Office of Personnel Management “anticipates issuing a proposed rule that will address the use of salary history in the hiring and pay-setting processes for Federal employees, consistent with Executive Order 14035 of June 25, 2021.” 

In addition, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council “shall consider issuing proposed rules to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in Federal procurement by enhancing pay equity and transparency for job applicants and employees of Federal contractors and subcontractors.” 

This executive order goes hand in hand with the OFCCP compensation directive released earlier this week, which DCI briefly covered in a previous blog. Stay tuned for an in-depth breakdown of that directive in the coming days. 

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