Supporting HR Pandemic Response

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the current state of government, private sector, and non-profit organizations. And, the impacts of the crisis have varied within organizations in unique ways. Dynamics such as organizations’ business strategy, sector, complexity, finances, workforce size, products, services, and mechanisms for managing organizational change have contributed (and will continue to contribute) to an organization’s ability to survive and even prosper.

It is clear that few business units have been (or will be) more challenged in keeping organizations functioning than Human Resources. Many of the standard Human Resources’ protocols within organizations may not meet current needs – or the rapidly changing needs that are coming down the pipe.

For example, many organizations that are on “pause” are faced with downsizing – while their Human Resources functions are currently handling issues of furlough, leave, benefits, telework, and ongoing communication. In contrast, organizations and sectors that have been rapidly staffing many positions are doing so on an even greater scale than traditional business startups – while still juggling other Human Resource functions. 

Regardless of the current (or expected future) state, organizations are facing unique challenges, needs, and risks - often leaving resources stretched thin. Furthermore, the need for quick decision-making and action, has highlighted an opportunity to refocus on potential risks.

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By DCI Employment & Litigation Services Division

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