Supporting HR Pandemic Response: Part 3

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered the current (and future) state of organizations. In some instances, organizations need to drastically slow down or pause operations.

Businesses in this “pause” mode may be faced with downsizing or job restructuring for continued business survival when they re-open.  It will be critical to ensure the talented workers stay with the organization and, when necessary, the workers with weaker or more limited skills are exited.  Consideration should be given to identifying the jobs of the future and the skills needed to perform them.  Within its workforce, an organization will be required to select the employees who are best suited to perform restructured jobs. 

Some of these types of initiatives may include: 

  • Designing and validating systems that allow the identification of employees whose skills are critical to restarting the business using job-related and efficient processes that leverage technology; 
  • Understanding risk via evaluating adverse impact of these difficult employment decisions;
  • Having an expert provide an objective 3rd party review of the decision-making procedures for selections of the employees to be retained.

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By DCI Employment & Litigation Services Division

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