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OFCCP Announces Possible 2,000 Sites To Be Audited

November 14, 2006

OFCCP has announced that beginning November 27, 2006, regional offices may schedule compliance evaluations of non-construction Federal contractors from a new scheduling list comprised of approximately 2,000 facilities. The agency generated this list...

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September 14, 2006

DCI is pleased to announce that it is expanding its EEO and Affirmative Action practice area to include comprehensive self-audit services. Harold Busch, DCI Vice President of Government Relations, will lead this important initiative. He will work...

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Ask Harold: Pre-Award Compliance Reviews & FAAP Agreements

August 14, 2006

Dear Harold,

How does OFCCP handle pre-award compliance reviews when a contractor has a Functional Affirmative Action Program (FAAP) Agreement?


Harold: In response to your question, the first matter to point out is that the OFCCP Directives on the...

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Uptick in Scheduling Letters Without Advance Notice

April 17, 2006

Thank you for your quick response to last week’s DCI PULSE question regarding scheduling letters that your companies have received for establishments not on the Federal Contractor Selection System (FCSS) list. In other words, for establishments for...

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